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The origin of Theyyam can be traced back to the earliest period of Neolithic and Chalcolithic settlements. Theyyam is has become a deep rooted folk religion of millions of worshippers due to its prominent characteristics of primitive, tribal, religious cults. There are many followers of Islam who are closely associated with this cult.

History of Theyyam

Theyyam is a ritual form of worship prevalent in North Malabar region also known as Kolothunadu. It is a ritual which has centuries old tradition and a living cult. Theyyam is performed by lower caste community known as Malayanmars and people of this region consider Theyyam as god himself and seek blessing.

How to perform

There are about 400 types of Theyyam being performed in Kerala like Pallivettakkorumakan theyyam, Vishnumoorthy Theyyam, Sree Muthappan Theyyam and some dangerous feats theyyam like Thaiparadevatha theyyam, Theechamundi theyyam and Puthiya Bhagavathi theyyam and so on. Many main stream branches of Hindu religion like Shaktism, Vaishnavism and Shaivism dominates almost all the theyyam performances.

Famous artists from kerala

  • Theyyam is performed only by people of Thiyya community in Kerala.

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