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Kerala tourism Guide



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Places of interest

This pure land with its swirling hills and winding rivers which calmly flows into the Arabian Sea is bestowed with bountiful gifts of Nature. When you visit this land the places of interest are the famous ruins of an old fort in Kottakunnu built by the Zamorins and the two temples Vettakkorumakan Temple and Shiva Temple situated nearby known for its architecture and the housing murals of the Malabar region. The most prominent tourist attraction is the Padinharekara Beach with its palm trees and soft white sand and the awesome view of the amalgamation of two rivers Bharathapuzha and Tirurpuzha into the Arabian Sea. Vallikunnu Beach a secluded, serene beach is a prime attraction and the best place to unwind. If you are a religious person this land offers pilgrim centers like Kadampuzha Temple, Mampuram shrine, Valiya Juma Masjid, Thirunavaya Temple, Pazhayangadi Mosque and trikandiyur Shiva temple. Some of the other attracts are the Biyyam Kayal a backwater lake, Flora and fauna of Nedumkayam rain forest, Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary and the famous Kottakkal arya vidya sala.

Nearest Places

What to shop

Malappuram is not a shopper’s paradise but all necessary items are available. Good quality areca nut, cashew nut, banana, rubber, pulses, ginger and pepper are available in abundance.


  • Pilgrim center for Hindus and Muslims
  • Rich art and cultural heritage
  • Strong historical significance
  • Centre for Hindu Vedic religion and Islamic philosophy
  • Annual boat race at Biyyam Kayal during Onam

How to reach

  • flight
    BY AIR
    The nearest airport is Karipur Airport in Kozhikode which just 25 Kms.
  • train
    All trains from northern and southern Kerala pass through Angadipuram, Tirur, Tanur, Kuttippuram and Parappanangadi railway stations in Malapurram.
  • bus
    Malappuram is well connected by road with neighboring districts. Bus service is available from all the places in Kerala.


Malappuram offers a wide range of entertainment activities for tourists. Padinjarekkara Beach offers adventure sports like rides on water scooters and speed boats and a floating coffee shop for relaxing. A boat cruise through the river from aanamala into the backwaters and further down where fresh water meets the sea in Ponnani is a memorable experience. You can surf, build a sand castle or get a sun tan or enjoy at the entertainments in the resort in the middle of a coconut grove at Vallikunnu beach.

Food & Cuisines

Malappuram is known for its Mappila cuisine and the blend of traditional and Arab foods. Pathiri bread made with rice is an example of the two culinary cultures. Dum Biriyani tops the list in Mappila cuisines made with mutton, chicken, lamb or prawns and Kallummakkaya curry, erachi puttu, parottas and ghee rice are some of the other specialties. Spices like pepper, cardamom and clove are used in almost all the dishes.

Arts & Culture

Malappuram has a good tradition in the field of art and culture and many renowned writers and poets belong to this land. Some of the folk art forms of the Mappila community are oppana, Kolkali, Draff Muttu and Aravana Muttu. Ancient art forms like Chavittukali or Cherumakkali and kathakali is still prevalent. Malappuran has an excellent network of 332 affiliated libraries functioning under the District Library Council.


Malappuram district is bordered by Kozhikode and Wayanad district to the north, TamilNadu state in the northeast, Palakkad District to the south, Thrissur district to the southwest and Arabian sea on the west.
Area & Altitude
The district covers an area of 3000 square kilometer and situated at an altitude of 131 ft above sea level.
Major rivers flowing through this land are the Chaliyar River, Kadalundi River, Purapparamba River, Tirur River and Bharathapuzha River.
Hill Stations
The mountains of this district are the Vayutmala, Vellarimala, Chakkumala, Urothmala and Pandalur mala.
The temperature during summers is 35 degree Celsius and during winter it is 20 degrees. The best season to visit Malappurum is from September to March when the weather is pleasant.
Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is home for hundreds of species of native birds and over 60 species of migratory birds.


Malappuram situated in the north of Kerala state is blessed with the gift of nature. This land with its pristine charm and lush greenery has a unique place in the history of Kerala. Mallappuram was the military headquarters of Zamorins of Kozhikode since ancient times. Some of the famous monuments here are the fort of Tippu sultan and the Haig barracks built by the British. Malappuram has a place of its own in the history of India’s freedom struggle with its Kilafath movement and Mappila revolts. This serene land is also known as the center for Vedic and Islamic studies.

Survey Results

Population of Malappuram is 4,110,956.
Density is 1158 people per sq km.
People of all religions stay in harmony.
Language spoken is Malayalam.
Economy of Malappuram depends on agriculture, timber, fishery, tourism and spice trading. Foreign money remittance by migrants in the Middle-East plays a major part in the districts economy.

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