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Kerala tourism Guide



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Places of interest

If Kerala is God’s own country, Calicut might be one of his best miracles! the most beautiful destination on south Indian trip. Kozhikode beach is a favorite haunt of sunset viewers, where you will be cuddled between the sterile water of Arabian Sea. And for the art admirers, there are Pazhzassiraja Museum and Art Gallery, Krishnamenon Art Museum with an excellent collection of paintings of Raja Ravi Varma, mural paintings and monuments etc. The astonishing waterfall Thusharagiri, famous for its trekking tracks is just 48 km from Calicut town. A bath in this pool is heavenly. If you have an appetite for pilgrim centers, Calicut town itself has a lot of temples with historical sculpture and inscriptions like Tali Temple, Thiruvannur Temple, Lokanarkave Temple etc. Above all it has the soothing greenery all around with a pleasant climate. Other popular attractions include Thikkoti Lighthouse, Manachira Square, Kalipoyika, Lion's Park, Tali Temple, Kakkayam, and planetarium.

Nearest Places

What to shop

Explore Calicut and shop like a Boss. Calicut is a major centre for garment export notably hand woven textiles. Kozhikode is also a major exporter of spices in India, tourists can buy fresh spices from shops under spices board. Try the Court Road spice market. Sweet Meat Street(SM Street), the busiest street in Kozhikode is the first-rate shopping area.


  • Calicut Hunt!! A Journey through Indian history and Heritage.
  • City of Spices, A commercial centre of arts Martial arts,
  • Hub of Malabar taste, tagged as ""City of Sculptures"" …. Its unique feature goes on.

How to reach

  • flight
    BY AIR
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  • train
    Kozhikode Railway Station has links to all the major cities and tourist centres in India. Ph
  • bus
    Kozhikode KSRTC is well-connected to all the major cities in India, Ph


Calicut offers you ample entertainment options to relish. It is marked with a number of ancient forts, temples, and churches with antique sculpture that you can see during daytime. You can laze around the beaches of Calicut during evenings, also Lions Park and the Light House brings you the opportunity for enjoy the evening breeze. The Kalari Centre & Lalitha Kala Academy are few among the ultimate destinations to quench your artistic thirst.

Food & Cuisines

The Mouthwatering ‘Malabar cuisine’ is quite popular among gourmands all around. ‘Mithai Theruvu’, the street of sweets offers a variety of sweets, especially ‘Calicut Halwa’. The non veg food offered in the city exclusively Biriyani is a unique mix that wrapped in spices like garam masala. The food you will love at first bite. Topform, Bombay Hotel, Paragon hotel, Mezban etc. are some of the best hotels in Calicut.

Arts & Culture

Being one of the cultural hubs of Kerala, Calicut is better known for its notable additions in Malayalam film industry, Literature and contemporary visual arts. District is famous for its martial art called Kalaripayyattu and its Treatment practices are closely associated with Ayurveda. It is the birth place of the famous ‘folk song’ known as ‘Vadakkan Pattukal’. The temple and mosques of this district contain sculptures and inscriptions which are the cultural nerve centers of Kerala.


Situating on the southwestern coast of India, with tranquil stretches of backwaters and exotic wildlife, Calicut is listed as one of the most sought after tourist destinations in God’s own country. With the Arabian Sea in the west, Kannur, Wayanad and Malappuram in the North, East and West respectively.
Kozhikode covers an area of 2206 sq. km.
Kozhikode offers its tourists a unique experience of Kerala backwaters with artistic movement of its rivers.
The District has a generally humid climate with a very hot season extending from March to May.
It is blessed with a unique array of wild and marine life.


Kozhikode In short, a Historical town with an antiquated past. It has a unique place in the world history with the discovery of ‘Sea Route’ to India by Portuguese Navigator, Vasco da gama in 1498. It was once the capital of Zamorins who ruled India before British rule and a prominent trade and commerce centre. It was into the trade of curry spices with the Jews, Arabs, Phoenicians, Chinese, Dutch and Portuguese. Adding to its legacy, it had and still has a unique culture and extra unique people.

Survey Results

2,879,131(2011 census).
Hindus constitute the majority of the population, and next Muslim and Christian communities respectively.
Languages spoken are Malayalam, English, and Hindi.
Agriculture is the mainstay of Calicut.

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