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Kerala tourism Guide



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Places of interest

People of Kasargod preserve the traditional culture and their heritage. There is a good harmony to unite Hindus, Muslims and Christians to make the place sacred. Many places in Kasargod are visited by travelers around the world. For instance, Adoor is glamorous. Siva Temple which reinforces the mind of Hindu pilgrims stands firm in Adoor. Arjuna was believed to establish this temple to pay orison to Siva. Besides, Madiyan Kulom temple has wonderful interior decoration and wall painting. This temple was built with precious stones, and gems. Ajanoor bobs up on lips of every Hindu pilgrim who must go to Ajanoor to watch this beautifully crafted temple. Check the list of marvelous places to see in Kerala. Cheruvathur is a historical spot which is unforgettable to people due to its historical importance. During 18th Century, Dutch rulers invaded Cheruvathur for establishing their Scandinavian kingdom. It is the transition period for people to run through the cultural revolution after the invasion of Dutch rulers. Veeramala Hills create a beautiful landscape to paint Cheruvathur with the touch of natural hues.

Nearest Places

What to shop

Limited options for shopping in Kasargod are available. However, buyers are enthusiastic to buy sophisticated gadgets, music systems, mobile phones and latest sleek cameras. Foreign visitors rush to the local departmental stores and shopping malls to collect some newly launched garments for women.


  • Green forest
  • Kappil Beach
  • Ananthapura Lake Temple
  • Music
  • Regional festivals
  • Art museum
  • Chandragiri Fort
  • Science and technology museum
  • Luxurious kiosks, resorts and hotels
  • Kinfra Park

How to reach

  • flight
    BY AIR
    Nearest airport is located in Mangalore which is 70 km far from Kasargod.
  • train
    Popular railway stations like Trikaripur, Cheruvathur, Nileshwar, and Kanhangad are crowded by daily commuters/train passengers to visit Kasargod .
  • bus
    NH17, the main highway, runs through towns like anhangad.


Kasargod is not only a spiritual land for pilgrims but it is also the hub for romantic lovers. Teens who visit this district have high flavor of entertainment and recreation. There are movie halls, recreational parks, discotheques and many more to lure sweethearts to spend night with ecstasy. Ultra modern civilization has imbued local folks living in this district. They present decent culture and entertainment to others. Small amphitheaters, movie halls, luxurious bars, restaurants, and classic kiosks will give you some golden moments to memorize during your leisure period.

Food & Cuisines

International restaurants and hotels are situated in Kasargod. Indian, Chinese and Thai multi cuisines energize young visitors to have palatable dishes at affordable prices. The natural aroma of Malabar biriyani hypnotizes people who are enamored to eat such tasty dishes. Flavorful mutton chilly and other food items for VIPs are nutritious. Kerala tours will be incomplete if you don’t have experience in finishing dinner at the luxurious restaurant in Kasargod.

Arts & Culture

Hi-fy western culture has not destroyed the oriental art and culture of this Kasargod district. People are still encouraged to explore in the conventional folk art and traditional heritage of this place. The art gallery showcases the masterpieces of contemporary art to impress enthusiasts. Theyyam gods and mythological heroes have punched new flavor of adventure to make the land more romantic, mysterious and beautiful. Oppana and Kolkali entice young generation to start a new adventurous tour to go close to the grass roots of the cultural society of Kasargod.


The extensive coastline is bordered with stiff cliffs and sand dunes.
Total area of Kasargod is 1,992 km2 (769 sq mi).
12 rivers flow across this land. Chandragiri is the longest river in Kasargod.
Warn, semi humid and tropical climate conditions create beautiful ambience for tourists to spend vacation in this magnificent district.
Kasargod is located in Kerala. The Western Ghat mountain range running through the sea is the prominent landmark to locate Kasargod. However, in the deep interior belts, the vast paddy land and avenues of green coconut trees soothe eyes of viewers. Green forests and mango groves also cover the vast areas of Adoor, Karudukka and Eleri.


Tourism in Kerala booms and expands to attract international tourists. Kasargod, one of the famous Kerala tourist spots was a world famous trading center once upon a time. Between 9th and 14th centuries, this district became an important commercial place to Arabs who started new commercial ventures in this district. Dr. Francis Buccanan, the family physician of Arthur Wellesley, mentioned the name of Kasargod in his historical anecdotes. He specified some popular names of places like Bekal, Kavvai and Athiraparambu. Duarte Borbosa is the well known Portuguese explorer who was excited to visit the land of Kasargod district. History of Kasargod will never fade away as the soil of this district became radiant in the hot blood of patriots and soldiers. Razor sharp rapiers of Tipu Sultan dazzled to capture Kasargod District. Kerala travel guide provides information to travelers to find best resorts in Kerala. Online Kerala tourism companies also help travelers to choose exotic tourist spots in Kerala.

Survey Results

Census reports 2011 determine the existing population in Kasargod is 1,307,375.
In Kasargod, multi languages are spoken by people. Tulu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Konkani are major languages for expression. Official languages are Tulu, Kannada and Malayalam.
Economic infrastructure of Kasargod depends on agricultural products and tourism.

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