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Kerala tourism Guide



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Places of interest

There are many places to visit in Kerala.Trivandrum fascinates people. The natural panorama of the deep blue sea blended with the crystal clear of the blue sky impress travelers. There are many wonderful exotic tourist spots located in Trivandrum. For instance, Kovalam Beach is rimmed with the glossy silvery white texture which shines in the raw crimson sunlight. It is one of the most attractive seafront beaches in the world. The shroud of mystery looms large when the sun bends slowly spreading ultra light golden color to paint deep green palm trees. Kovalam Beach in Trivandrum renews young hearts by showcasing majestic beauty with holistic grandeur. Varkala is another destination to attract tourists. Its seclusion from the busy urban lifestyle energizes a person to have unattainable holistic light through deep contemplation. Varka is the cynosure of attraction to Hindu pilgrims as well. The adventure, excitement and suspense beckon young explorers to revisit Varkala in Trivandrum to refresh their views. Kerala tourism thrives in Trivandrum in steadfast way to make it an attractive spot to entice global tourists.

Nearest Places

What to shop

Your Kerala holidays must be unforgettable and remarkable. Shopping in Trivandrum is a part of entertainment. Tourists like to buy original handloom accessories. Trivandrum has experienced Sadeshi Movement during the reign of Gandhi. Therefore, here you will get handloom saris and dhotis which have beautiful embroidery motifs. Sandal wood color of the traditional dhotis and saris restores the holistic spirit.


  • Ayurveda wellness treatment
  • Backwaters to enhance natural panorama
  • Regional festivals
  • Green Forest
  • Agriculture
  • Art Museums
  • Technopark
  • Music
  • Food and cuisines
  • Zoological garden

How to reach

  • flight
    BY AIR
    Trivandrum international airport is located in the capital city of Trivandrum. It lies 3.7 km west off the city center.
  • train
    The Central Railway station located in Thampanoor is the connector to help tourists to reach destinations through Thiruvananthapuram.
  • bus
    The broad highways running through Trivandrum connect this city with other places like Kochi and Kumarakom.


Coffee and hearth throbbing music perhaps rejuvenates young generation in Trivandrum. Coffee Temple is the exotic hotspot to teens to hobnob with their sweethearts by taking cups of hot coffee with toppings. Music is also the lifeblood of people who enjoy by attending many local music conferences. Thrilling sensation will surely heat you up to visit Kovalam Beach. However, art exhibitions took place weekly in Trivandrum. Many foreigners like to spend evening by visiting the best local art gallery to see gallery of images created by talented artists and painters.

Food & Cuisines

Trivandrum must quench thirst of tourists by offering mouth watering and palatable cuisines. Luxurious restaurants and kiosks entertain guests by providing world class cuisines like Beef Ularthiyathu , Appam and chicken stew chicken Thoran and chicken curry. Fresh fruits and green vegetables are available in abundance in this district. Therefore, tasty and flavorful cuisines and desserts must attract you to dine in the best restaurant in Trivandrum.

Arts & Culture

Trivandrum is the Mecca for artists, sculptors, painters and musicians. There are many art schools which manufacture talented artists. This Kerala capital has had flavor of its own regional art and culture. Chavittunatakom, Duffmuttu, Oppana, Kutiyattam and Koothu. Explore in contemporary art and culture by visiting globally standard art schools in Trivandrum. Well, folk art is another area of specialty which revives the ethos of traditional culture/art of Trivandrum.


This beautiful Indian district in Kerala is found between North latitudes and East longitudes (8.17°–8.54° and 6.41°–77.17°). Trivandrum extends 78 km along the sea shores of the Arabian Sea.
Three well known rivers enrich the soil of Trivandrum. These rivers are Karamana, Vamanapuram and the Neyyar.
The climate in Trivandrum is basically hot tropical.
Hill Stations
Cold wind blows over the mountain ranges of Agasthyarkoodam which is considered to be the second highest peak located in Trivandrum.
Thiruvananthapuram is wrapped by the Arabian Sea lying in the west. Trivandrum is located in the far southwestern of India. The whole district of Trivandrum is basically divided into high, mid and lowlands. The green forest in Trivandrum covers 495.1 km sq.


Trivandrum also known as Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of Kerala. It is the Town of the Lord. Historical evidence and vintage artifacts unearthed from various places in Trivandrum showcase the brilliant historical background to make it more popular to people. Marthanda Varma, the pioneer of modern Travancore, changed the city of Trivandrum to a great extent. A smooth economic and cultural progression took place in this city. During Varma’s realm, this capital city became a cultural hotspot. It became the rendezvous of luminaries, artists, music maestros and painters.

Survey Results

As per survey reports 2001, total population of Trivandrum is 3,307,284.
Literacy rate of this district is almost 92.66%.
Malayalam is the only mother tongue for people in Trivandrum to express their views.
The majority of population in Trivandrum is Hindu followed by Christians, and Muslims.
The economic growth in Trivandrum relies on tourism, leisure, and IT industry.

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