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Kadampuzha Temple

Kadampuzha Temple

Kadampuzha Devi Temple is situated about 3 km north of Vettichira on the highway connecting Kozhikode and Thrissur. The nearest Airport is the Karipur International Airport Calicut and the nearest railway stations are Thirur and Kuttippuram. Kadampuzha Devi Temple is well connected by road and you can get buses directly to the temple from Guruvayur, Calicut, Manjeri, Palghat, and Nilambur.

About Kadampuzha Temple

According to the legend Kadampuzha Devi Temple was installed by Adi Sankaracharya. It is said that once when he was passing through Kadampuzha he reached a place where he could not go further and through his divine vision he understood that it is the meeting place of Goddess parasakthi in the incarnation of Devi parvathi and Lord Shiva in Kirata incarnation. Adi Sankaracharya prayed to the goddess and she gave him presence and after blessing him disappeared into a hole. It was Adi Sankaracharya who did the first pooja here and built a temple for the goddess around the hole. Poomoodal is the highest pooja done in this temple. Fresh flowers are used to cover the idol during this. Muttarukkal is another offering where a coconut is broken into half by the priest to keep away obstacles of the devotee. The goddess here is believed to be more powerful during Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

History or Myth

Kadampuzha Devi Temple is 1900 years old ancient temple dedicated to Goddess Durga situated in Kadampuzha, Malappuram district, Kerala. The unique thing about this temple is that there is no idol here and the pooja is performed in a 6 cm diameter hole into which the goddess disappeared. The kind of feeling devotees get when they enter this temple is that they tend to forget all their worries and they get a special kind of positive energy to live their life contently.

Tips or precaution

  • Do not forget to take directions from a temple staff before going in front of the Goddess Sanctum.
  • If you are new to the area taking help from a police aid post or tourist centre.

How to reach

Highlights or specialities

  • Poomoodal fresh flower offering ritual
  • Muttarukkal ritual by breaking coconuts in half
  • Annadaana food offering ritual.
  • Karthikai Day of Vrishchikam Month festival


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