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Koothu is one of the oldest socio-religious art form of Kerala in which a solo performer narrates different episodes from epics and puranas in a funny way. Koothu is performed accompanied by the percussion instrument called the Mizhavu. The performer’s wit ranges from innocent mockery to indirect intimidation, stinging play of words and sarcastic insults.

History of Koothu

Koothu is performed in Koothambalam or Koothuthara of temples across Kerala. It is a socio-religious art performed solo or as part Kutiyattam and the performance is spread with comic and mime entertainment. The performer does the role of a wise jester through his story telling from the epics. The performer mocks the manners and customs of the current situations without leaving anyone from the butt of his ridicule.

How to perform

This socio-religious art is performed by a solo performer who is also the narrator. He wears a headgear and his body is smeared with sandal wood paste with red dots all over his body. His narration will be a mixture of prose and poetry with the background music from the Mizhavu. Koothu is still performed in temples like Vadakkumnathan Thrissur, Sri Krishna temple Ambalappuzha, Koodal Manikyam temple Irinjalakkuda and Kumaranalloor temple in Kottayam.

Famous artists from kerala

  • There are many Koothu exponents who perform in temple in Kerala

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