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Pulluvan Paattu

Pulluvan Paattu

The name Pulluvan originated from the name of a bird called bird of Omen whose cry is considered as ominous and this community can predict from the sound of these birds. The pulluvan pattu is closely connected to the serpent worshiping and they consider the snake gods as their presiding deity and perform certain rituals such as pulluvan pattu. The instruments used for this song are a one stringed violin called as Pulluvan veena and earthen pot with a string attached to it called the Pulluvan Kutam.

History of Pulluvan Paattu

Pulluvan Pattu is a ritualistic song sung by a community called pulluvar who are of low castes. The songs are related to snake worship, ritual, custom and exorcism and traditionally it is of the belief that pulluvan community has the ability to read bad omens and suggest ways to remove the effects of Bad omens.

How to perform

Pulluvan Pattu is performed in serpent temples and groves and the song is known in many names like Sarppapaattu, Naagam Paattu, and Paambum Kalam and so on. The women of this community known as Pulluvati perform Sarpam Thullal or serpent dance during this ritual. The ritual is performed in and around a portrait of the serpent god on the floor made with rice powder where two women after going round the portrait three times and sits on the portrait in a possession trance.

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  • Pulluvan Pattu is only performed by a community in lower and higher caste houses and serpent temples.

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