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Margam Kali

Margam Kali

The religious meaning of Margam kali is the path to attain salvation. Margam kali dance is a symbolic endorsement with the lamp is considered as Jesus Christ and the performers as his disciples. The dance is performed in two parts and the beginning is performed with songs and dances narrating the life history of Thomas the Apostle and the second part take a form of martial play with artificial swords and shields.

History of Margam Kali

Margam kali is a group dance performed by Syrian Christians of Kottayam districts who trace their origins to the origins to the evangelistic Thomas the Apostle. This is a ritual folk art performed by dozen dancers who sing and dance around a lamp donning the traditional Kerala dress and a peacock feather on their head gear.

How to perform

Margam kali dance is performed without any musical accompaniments. Only two small palm size cymbals are used by the person who sings the song. The songs sung dates backs to periods much before the invasion of the Portuguese. Earlier only men folks used to perform this ritual dance and today only women perform this folk art on stages.

Famous artists from kerala

  • Today Margam kali dance is performed by students in youth festivals.

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