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Sarpam Thullal

Sarpam Thullal

Snake worship was prevalent all over India from ancient times. Vedic books and epics of Hindu mythology clearly mentions snake worship and they are associated with most of the Hindu gods. Nair community in Kerala is also known as the Kshatriyas of Nagavanshi desent and most of old Tharavadu or the family house had serpent groves.

History of Sarpam Thullal

Sarpam Thullal or the dance of the snakes is a mystical ritual associated with ancestral temples or snake groves in the state of Kerala. This ancient exotic and spectacular ritual is performance to appease the snake gods and thereby bringing prosperity to the family. History says that snake worship existed before the adaptation of Aryan Hindu practices in Kerala.

How to perform

Sarpam Thullal is performed to appease the snake god for prosperity and for fertility for couples deprived of an offspring. It is conducted by the women folks of pulluvan community who are skilled in the aesthetic requirements of Sarpam Thullal. During the performance they draw a portrait of a snake on the ground and sing a song called pulluvan pattu. The women of the community go into a trance with serpent-like movements inside the portrait.

Famous artists from kerala

  • Sarpam Thullal is only performed by a community in lower and higher caste houses and serpent temples by Pulluvan community.

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