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Kalamezheuthu is created in a space near the temple and it is usually finished within a specific time and it goes through three specific steps drawing of the picture ( kalamezhuthu), kalam paattu, singing the song to the tune of the instruments (kalam paattu), and performing as per the myth( kalam thullal).

History of Kalamezhuthu

Kalamezheuthu is temple oriented tribal ritual which got enhanced over the years. It is implemented in two and three dimensional designs using fine natural powders. Kalamezheuthu usually has three aspects aesthetic, religious and social in its designs and some of the drawing made is Naga kalam, Bhagavathy kalam, and kalams dedicated to gods like Vetekaran and Ayyappan.

How to perform

Kalamezhuthu ritual has three stages in its implementation, drawing of the Kalam, worshiping using lights called thiri uzhichil, and erasing of the picture or kalam maykkal. During this process you feel as if the central figure has come alive in the middle of the night with flaming lights around him which gives a magical illusion and realism. The entire ritual is accompanied by rhythm of musical instruments like veekkan chenda, lathalam, kuzhal, Kombu and chenda.

Famous artists from kerala

  • There are many exponents from Mavelikara which can be said as the origin of Kalamezhuthu.

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