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Nangiar Koothu

Nangiar Koothu

Nangiar Kuthu is a solo performance dance which has a tradition of more than 1500 years. It is the only art form dominated by female artists. During the dance performance a vocalist recites the Sanskrit versus along with percussion instruments like Mizhavu, Edakka and Thimila. The movements, gestures and expressions in the dance are more elaborate and it originates from the Natyasastra written by Sage Bharatha during the second Century.

History of Nangiar Koothu

Nangiar Kuthu is an age old traditional Sanskrit drama art performed by women. It is usually performed by women of Ambalavasi Nambiar community of Kerala as a hereditary tradition. Nangiar Kuthu is performed only in the traditional temple theatre called the Koothambalam and it is done depicting the life of Lord Krishna.

How to perform

During the first day of the performance importance is given to pure dance than acting and it starts with a dance form called Purvaranga Nritta which has many harmonized and artistic movements of the body and feet. In this dance 64 rhythmic gaits are used in the performance. Nangiar Kuthu is performed with special care to avoid any mistakes because it is believed that any short comings in the dance can cost the dancer her life.

Famous artists from kerala

  • Danseuse Nangai, Nannai, Nannacci and Talinamma of the ancient times.
  • Danseuse Sathi Devi of the modern times.

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