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The word Oppana is derived from the Arabic word Afna and the song language used is a mixture of Arabic and Malayalam. The theme of the song is usually teasing the bride’s emotions by commenting and insinuating her marital bliss. Normally the dance is performed during a marriage function but nowadays it is also performed during menstruation of girls, circumcision of boys and ceremonial bath of woman after two weeks after child birth.

History of Oppana

Oppana is a social entertainment dance form prevalent among the Muslim Community in Kerala. Oppana is ritual full of song and dance performed by women and it resembles song and dance rituals prevalent in Arabian countries. Two types of Oppana dance performed in Kerala are Oppana Murukkam and Oppana chayal. In Oppana chayal there is no clapping of hands whereas in Oppana Murukkam clapping of hands accompanies the dance movement.

How to perform

Oppana is performed by women numbering about fifteen which includes the musicians. The bride adorned in gold jewelleries sits in a high seat in the centre and the dancers circle around her by singing and clapping in a rhythmically move in simple steps. The leader of the troupe sings and the other dancers join in a chorus. Musical instruments like harmonium, tambourine, cymbals and tabla are used during this dance.

Famous artists from kerala

  • The credit of modern day Oppana goes to U V Muhammad Ali.

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