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Chavittu Nadakam

Chavittu Nadakam

Chavittu Nadakam is usually performed in open stages and the language used is a mix of Malayalam and Tamil. The special feature of this art form is that the performers stamp the dance floor and produce resonant sounds to prove their point in dramatic situations. It is said that the play is considered successful only if the stage collapse after all the stamping.

History of Chavittu Nadakam

Chavittunatakom or Chavittu Nadakam is a classical art form prevalent among the Latin Christian community in Kerala. It originated during the 16th century after the arrival of Portuguese in the North Malabar region. The origin of Chavittunatakom is Kodungallur in Thrissur District. It is a dance drama based on heroic episodes from the Bible and heroic exploits of legendary Christian warriors.

How to perform

Chavittu Nadakam has traces of European culture with actors wearing Greco Roman medieval costumes during the performance and the actor themselves sing their lines loudly and with exaggerated gestures stamp with great force on the wooden stage. The bell and drum are two instruments used as background score and the stage also has a foreign influence.

Famous artists from kerala

  • Chavittu Nadakam is performed by various troupes
  • Chavittu Nadakam academy situated in Gothurithu Island, Ernakulum does most of the Stage performances.
  • Kreupasanam Pauranika Rangakalapeedom

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