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Theeyaattu is prevalent in the central and Northern part of Kerala and is a living cult with thousands of years of tradition, customs and rituals and it involves all the class and castes of Hindu religion in this region. Bhadrakali Theeyaattu is usually performed in Bhadrakali temples during annual festivals and Ayyappan Theeyaattu is performed to celebrate the birth of Lord Ayyappa.

History of Theeyattu

Theeyaattu is a traditional ritualistic dance performed by two communities called Theeyaattunnis a Brahmin community and Tiyyadi Nambiars an Ambalavasi community. There are two types of Theeyaattu being performed in Kerala. Bhadrakali Theeyattu is performed by Theeyaattunnis and Ayyappan Theeyaattu is performed by Tiyyadi Nambiars. Theeyaattu is ritualistic art form and has strict traditional rituals which have to be strictly implemented and it cannot modified at one's will.

How to perform

Theeyaattu performance involves many phases of presentation. Kalamezhuthu or drawing of portrait, Kottum pattu or singing of songs, Koothu or dance using hand gestures. The performance is accompanied by the beats of Para a small type of Chenda and cymbals called ilathalam. Theeyaattam performance goes on for three hours and it is usually played by a male artist.

Famous artists from kerala

  • Theeyaattu is only performed by Theeyaattunni and Thiyaadi Nambiars communities.

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