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The legends says that two asuras Darika and Daaravendra after getting a boon from Lord Bhrama that no males can kill them started creating havoc and as per the request of Lord Narada, Lord Shiva created Goodess Kali an incarnation who Killed both the demons. Mudiyettu is the victory dance of good over evil.

History of Mudiyettu

Mudiyettu is a traditional ritual dance performed in Kali temples in Kerala. The dance enacts the battle of goddess Kali and her triumph over the demon Darika and Daaravendra. The performance of Mudiyettu is totally different from other temple art worshipping. Mudiyettu starts with the announcement using drums, and then a portrait of goddess Kali is drawn on the floor along with songs and final touches of the portrait and finally lighting of lamps and announcement of the beginning of the performance.

How to perform

In Mudiyettu there are no hand gestures as in other dance forms and the performers are all heavily made up wear beautiful attire with facial make up and the headgear gives the performer a supernatural look. Before starting the dance the performer erases the portrait using tender palm fronds. Mudiyettu is a community based art form and there are only three families who practice this art in the entire country.

Famous artists from kerala

  • Thirumarayoor Muraledhara Marar
  • Thirumarayoor Girijan Marar
  • Keezhillam Unnikrishnan
  • Keezhillam Gopalakrishnan
  • Kizhake Varanattu Nanu Kurup
  • Kizhake Varanattu Sankaranarayana Kurup

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