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Edappally Perunnal

Edappally Perunnal

Edappally Perunnal or St George feast is the annual festival celebrated in St.George's Forane Church in Edappally in Ernakulum District which is one of the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Kerala. The history of this church dates back to 6th century when it was a small shrine and a big church adjacent to the old shrine was built during the 11th century.

Way of excecution and activities Edappally Perunnal

Edappally Perunnal is observed in this Catholic Church during the month of April/may. This feast is conducted as a reminder to the ancient custom when the members of the parish used to visit the King of edapally to seek his permission to hoist the flag. The king will then grants permission and arrange for a flag mast which is carried to the church by the palace elephant. Before the feast 40 hours Adoration and 9 days of Novena is done as the preparation before the flag hoisting. The members of the church then go to the Vicar with 101 varieties of sweets and savories and invite him to hoist the flag. During the festival the statue of St George is bedecked with golden ornaments received as offerings from the devotees and taken out in a solemn procession in an ornate chariot called as roopakoodu accompanied by band. Another attraction of this church is the water in the well near the church which has miraculous curing power. People take this water and soil from the church and sprinkle it in their homes and it is believed that it gives protection from snake bites. The most amazing thing about this well is that the water level of this well is always 2 meters below the ground on all seasons.

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