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Arthunkal Feast

Arthunkal Feast

Arthunkal St. Andrew's Forane Church built by the Portuguese in the 16th century is the first Basilica in the diocese of Alappuzha.This is one of the most prominent pilgrim centres in Kerala considered as a holy land by thousands of devotees of Christian religion and other faiths. The patron of this church is St Sebastain who is considered as a roman martyr and feast known as Arthunkal feast conducted annually is the biggest attraction here.

Way of excecution and activities Arthunkal Feast

The annual Arthunkal Perunnal or St. Sebastian's feast is the biggest ten-day feast festival in this church with devotees from all over the state swarming the church in thousands. A grant procession carrying the statue of St. Sebastian to the beach from the church and back is an important event in this festival. During the procession an eagle appears from nowhere and circles the skies every year and it is believed that it is the presence of St Sebastian who guards the village of Arthunkal. Another attraction here is that Hindu Pilgrims to and from Sabrimala visits this church to pay their homage to the saint because it is believed that Lord Ayyappa and St Sebastian are considered as brothers. An eagle also appears during Makara vilakku festival in Sabrimala Shrine. The Hindu pilgrims take a bath at a facility attached to the church or at the sea when they visit here which is an age old tradition. Arthunkal feast is one of the meaningful ritualistic beliefs being celebrated today which highlights the truth of the state. The concluding day of the festival has an unbelievable and extraordinary ritual in which thousands of devotees crawl on their knees all the way from the beach to the church.

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