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Vadakkumnathan Temple

Vadakkumnathan Temple

Vadakkunnathan Shiva Temple is in Thrissur District the cultural capital of Kerala and situated right in the middle of Thrissur City Centre. The nearest railway station is Thrissur station and the nearest Airport is Nedumbassery International Airport in Cochin. All trains going towards North pass through Thrissur Station and have a stop.

About Vadakkumnathan Temple

Vadakkunnathan Temple is situated on an elevated hillock in the middle of Thrissur City surrounded by a stone wall which covers area 9 acres. This is the only temple where the Shiva Lingam could not be seen because it is covered under a mound of ghee offered as ablution for centuries. The most unique thing is that there is no foul smell from the offered ghee and it does not melt even during summers. The temple is known for its rare temple murals and murals of Vasukishayana and Nrithanatha are worshipped every day. Even though the temple is not connected with it Thrissur Pooram festival the most colorful festival and pride of Thrissur people is conducted in the premises of Vadakkunnathan Temple. The main feature of this festival is the lining of richly adorned elephants, Elanjitharamelam and Chendavadyam. This Poorum festival is done with a belief that worshipping the elephants and giving them healthy food will please Lord Ganesha and remove obstacles from their path.

History or Myth

Vadakkunnathan Temple is one the oldest temple in Kerala believed to have been created by Lord Parasurama. The presiding deity here is Lord Shiva in the form of Shiva Lingam and the temple is built as per the traditional Kerala Architecture. As per records the construction of the temple was done during the time of Perumthachan who lived in during the 7th century which means that the temple is about 1300 years old. Initially the idol Shiva Lingam was under a banyan tree known as Sri Mula Sthana which was later shifted to the temple by the then ruler of Cochin.

Tips or precaution

  • Since there is a procedure worshipping in this temple, it is better to get guidance from a staff.
  • If you are new to this city take directions from a police aid post.

How to reach

  • flight
    BY AIR
    Vadakkunnathan Shiva Temple is only 51 Kilometres away from the Cochin International airport(Nedumbasserry).
  • train
    You can reach by train from any part of India. Nearest railwaystation is Thrissur Railway Station(3 Kilometers).
  • bus
    Bus service is available from all the places in Kerala and luxury buses are available from most of the South Indian cities.

Highlights or specialities

  • Thrissur Pooram festival
  • Ashta Dravya Maha Ganapathy Havana
  • Maha Shivaratri festival
  • Aanayoottu
  • Elanjitharamelam
  • Chendavadyam with five instruments
  • Richly adorned elephants


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