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Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple

Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple

Guruvayur has extreme climatic conditions. The summers are hot and the winters are cold. It is recommended to visit the temple during the winter season when it is cooler. Guruvayur doesn’t have any dramatic landscape, but has a lot of ponds, some of which are filled with lotuses. These beautiful lakes are believed to be the reason for Brihaspati to install the idol at Guruvayur.

About Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple

The structural design of Guruvayoor temple is a classic example of Kerala architecture. It has pagodas, temple squares and halls for dance and music performances. The walls of the temple is filled with world renowned mural paintings. After the disastrous fire of 1970, which destroyed a lot of temple property, Institute of Mural Painting was set up. Here enthusiastic artists are invited and made to undergo rigorous training for restoring the murals of the temple.

The main shrine is devoted to Lord Sri Krishna, who is one of the important symbols of Hinduism. There are various important religious traditions of the temple. Of them, performance of Narayaneeyam is of utmost importance. It is a song in praise of Sree Krishna of Guruvayoor, and Narayaneeyam day is celebrated every year in the temple.

Guruvayurappan temple is one of the most famous South Indian temples. It attracted many people of religious importance. One of them is Adi Sankara. It is believed that he saw a vision of Guruvayoor Kesavan (Krishna) on his journey to Shringeri.

History or Myth

It is believed that the idol at Guruvayur temple was sculpted by Lord Vishnu himself, and it was installed in Dwaraka, where his incarnation, Lord Krishna resides. When Krishna came to know that Dwaraka was about to be destroyed, he requested his closest disciple to hand over the idol to Brihaspati and Vayu. They carried it south, and came across a lotus pond, which was very beautiful. It was decided that the temple would be built here. The place was named Guruvayur, because the idol was carried to the city by Guru and Vayu.

Tips or precaution

  • Traditional clothing is a must.
  • Footwear is not allowed inside the temple.

How to reach

  • flight
    BY AIR
    Guruvayur Temple is only 80 Kilometres away from the Cochin International airport(Nedumbasserry).
  • train
    You can reach by train from any part of India. Nearest railwaystation is Guruvayur Railway Station(1 Kilometer).
  • bus
    Bus service is available from all the places in Kerala and luxury buses are available from most of the South Indian cities.

Highlights or specialities

  • Narayaneeyam Day
  • Chembi Music festival
  • Ulsavam
  • Vishu
  • Anayoottu – Feeding of elephants
  • Krishananattam
  • Anayattam


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