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Kanjiramattom Mosque

Kanjiramattom Mosque

The region experiences tropical monsoon climate. It lies very close to Fort Kochi and Vembanad Lake. The backwaters are also situated very close to Kanjiramattom, and hence one can visit various other scenic places while visiting the mosque.

About Kanjiramattom Mosque

The mosque is located at Kanjiramattom in the Ernakulam district of Kerala. It is also located very close to Kochi. Just like other mosques of the state, Kanjiramattom Mosque is extremely tolerant towards all the religions and welcomes people of different faiths, caste and creed. The mosque is known for its calming ambience, especially during the prayer hours.

The major attraction of the mosque is the Kodikuthu festival. It is during this time that the mosque is at its prime. The Kodikuthu Festival happens in the month January (depending on the Malayalam calendar), and attracts a large number of tourist from all over the state. During this festival, the devotees carry earthen pots covered with sandal paste to the mosque which they give as an offering. They go as a procession, and people from all religions are present in the procession. Elephants for a part of the procession and the ceremony is accompanied by folk dances like Duffumuttu and Kolkali.

History or Myth

Kanjiramattom mosque is dedicated to Sheikh Fariduddin. He was a Sufi saint, who dedicated his life in spreading Islamic faith. He travelled to various parts of India, propagating the religion, explaining the people about the doctrines and the philosophies of the religion. During one such travel, he reached Kanjiramattom. The place was a thick forest of snake wood trees, and hence the name Kanjiramattom. The people were grateful of the services provided by him for the sick and the needy, and hence built a mosque in the town in his memory.

Tips or precaution

  • Visit during the month of January for the Kodikuthu celebration.
  • Kodikuthu festival takes place in the evening.
  • Carry earthen pots covered with sandal paste.
  • Chakkara kanji (sugar porridge) is the delicacy to be offered at the mosque.

How to reach

Highlights or specialities

  • Religious tolerance
  • Easy accessibility
  • Rich history


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