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Chakkulathukavu Devi Temple

Chakkulathukavu Devi Temple

The temple is located in a scenic and picturesque geographical location. The region is dotted with palm trees and occasionally with small ranges, but mostly comprises of plains and paddy fields. The weather is moderate, the temperature varying between 34.5°C and 18.5°C, and receives the perfect amount of rainfall. This pleasant climate makes the temple a wonderful destination.

About Chakkulathukavu Devi Temple

The temple has the Chakkulathukavu Devi as the prime deity, who is fondly known as ‘Amma’ or ‘Mother’ because of her generous nature. It is believed that she helped the Devas gain their power back after they lost to the demons Shumba and Nishumbha, who could not be defeated by anyone but a woman after receiving a boon from Lord Brahma.

Chakkulathukavu Temple recieves a large number of female devotees during the month of November and December because of the festival of ‘Pongala’. During this phenomenal festival, the devotees arrive as early as week before the actual festival, and prepare sweetened rice (Pongala), which is the favourite of the Goddess. This religious festival is celebrated to increase the bonds among people and villagers.

History or Myth

The history of the temple dates back as far as 30 centuries ago.The area where the temple currently resides was originally a forest, where a hunter once arrived with his family in search of wood. The forest was dense and thick, and housed a large variety of wild animals. The hunter spotted a serpent moving towards him, and tried to kill it, but it escaped. He followed it to a creek where he found it wound around a shell. He attacked it again, but the snake escaped. The shell broke, and there was sand in it, along with a special grass and paddy. Sage Narada appeared before them in guise of a hermit, and his brilliance awed the family. He asked the hunter to break open the shell to take the idol of the Goddess from it and worship the deity every day. The hunter followed his instructions, and as days went by, a temple was built to install the idol.

Tips or precaution

  • Traditional clothes
  • Visit temple website for festival dates
  • Only women can participate in Pongala

How to reach

  • flight
    BY AIR
    Chakkulathukavu Temple is only 112 Kilometres away from the Cochin International airport(Nedumbasserry).
  • train
    You can reach by train from any part of India. Nearest railwaystation is Tiruvalla Railway Station(9 Kilometers).
  • bus
    Bus service is available from all the places in Kerala and luxury buses are available from most of the South Indian cities.

Highlights or specialities

  • 20 kilometre queue for Pongala
  • Other festivals: Thrikkarthika, Naree Pooja, Kalamezhuthu
  • Easily accessible


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