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Vishu is a Malayalees festival celebrated in Kerala usually in April which is considered as the Malayalam New year. It is celebrated with much fanfare and vigor by all communities irrespective of the religion. It is a festival of light, fireworks, decorated lighted and bursting fire crackers or Vishupadakkam. During Vishu an offering is given to the divine called the Vishukanni.

Way of excecution and activities Vishu

Vishukanni or first thing seen on that day is a ritual arrangement in the pooja room with auspicious materials like rice, linen, fruits and vegetables, coins in a metal vessel called uruli, cucumber, betel leaves, metal mirror, holy text, yellow flowers called Konna. During Vishu people buy new clothes or Puthukodi to wear on that occasion and as per the custom give money to family members and friends called as Vishukkaineetam. They also prepare a feast or sadya which includes cuisines like Mampazhappulissery, Veppampoorasam, Vishu kanji and Vishu kutu. As per the ancient belief an auspicious Vishukkani seen at dawn of this day is considered lucky for the entire year so it is prepared with lots of care to make it a positive sight. Reading verses from the epic Ramayana after viewing the Vishukkani is auspicious and it is believed that randomly opening a page from this epic and reading it will have a bearing on that person’s life in that year. As per Indian astrology Vishu festival comes when the sun crosses the plane of the earth's equator, making night and day approximately equal length. The meaning of the word Vishu in Sanskrit is equal and this is the day when farmers in Kerala start their agriculture activities.

Similar Festivals

  • Vishu is celebrated all over India under different names like Bihu in Assam, Baisakhi in Punjab, Puthandu in Tamil nadu and Bisu in Karnataka.

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