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Thiruvathra is a seven day long women’s festival which holds a major significance in Kerala. One of the belief is that this festival is celebrated commemorate the birth anniversary of Lord Shiva and another belief is that it commemorates the death of Kamadeva the god of erotic desire. It is also believed that on this day Goddess Parvathi after her long penance met Lord Shiva who took her as his saha dharma chaarini or equal partner.

Way of excecution and activities Thiruvathira

Thiruvathira is an important traditional festival of Kerala celebrated by the Namboothri, Kshatriya and Nair communities of Kerala since the ancient days. It is basically a women’s festival where unmarried women observe partial fast to get good husbands and married observe fast for the well being of their husband and family. During these festival women perform a dance called Thiruvathirakali accompanied by folk song called thiruvathira paattu which tells the story of goddess Parvathi’s love and her longing and penance to get Lord Shiva’s affection and his might and power. Thiruvathirakali is performed with feminine grace and charm by women dancers around a Nilavilakku or lasya the devoted appeal. The dancing pattern follows a circular, pirouetting motion accompanied by singing and clapping the hands. Another important ritual of this festival is the Ettangadi Chuduka performed by women who roast eight diverse tubers on the day of Thiruvathira. This mix contains off tuber vegetables like colocasia (chembu), yam (chena), Chinese potato (koorka),sweet potato (madhurakizhangu), long beans (vanpayar) and raw banana (ethakaya) and cooked with a thick paste of freshly grounded coconut. This cuisine known as Thiruvathirappuzhukku is served as the main dish during lunch. The desert is made with arrow root powder, jaggery and coconut milk known as koova payasam is also served. It is believed that this ritual will regain the body of Kamadeva.

Similar Festivals

  • Thiruvathira is the annual festival of Sri Nataraja temple in Tamil Nadu.

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