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Deepavali or the festival of lights is one of the ancient festivals celebrated in India. It is the biggest and brightest festival which signifies the victory of light over darkness. Deepavali is celebrated in North India with full vigor and enthusiasm and in Kerala this festival is not a major festival like in other states.

Way of excecution and activities Deepavali

The legend of Deepavali is that Narakasura who was the ruler of Pradyoshapuram was a cruel king who tortured his subjects and made them go through lots of hardships. Lord Krishna on seeing this wickedness destroyed the demon and on the day he died people lit up the city and bursting crackers to celebrate it which came to be known as Deepavali or the light of lamps where good overcame the evil. Another version of Deepavali says since on the day of the festival the sun is in the house of Libra which denotes commerce it is associated with business and Goddess of wealth and the light and darkness symbolizes knowledge and ignorance. In North India Deepavali festival is celebrated with great joy, noise, fanfare, lighting up and heavy spending and main occasion for traders and children. Goddess Lakshmi the Goddess of Wealth and Lord Ganesh are worshiped during this festival through Poojas and Aartis. In Kerala this festival is celebrated more with distributing sweets and visiting temples. On the day of the festival people take a ritual bath and pay homage or Tharpanm to departed souls and feed crows as part of the ritual. This is the only festival in India celebrated on a New Moon day or Amavasi.

Similar Festivals

  • Deepavali is celebrated all over the world where there is a population of Hindus.

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