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Rajiv Gandhi Boat Race

Rajiv Gandhi Boat Race

Rajiv Gandhi boat race is held annually two weeks after the Nehru Trophy Boat Race in Pulinkunnu 10 km away of Alappuzha town to commemorate the visit of Rajiv Gandhi and his wife Sonia Gandhi in 1995. The ever rolling trophy for this boat race was donated by the then Chief Minister of Kerala Shri K. Karunakaran.

Way of excecution and activities Rajiv Gandhi Boat Race

Rajiv Gandhi boat race is organized every year by Rajiv Gandhi Boat Race club a nonprofit organization. People from far and near including tourists from abroad reach Pulinkunnu to enjoy this water fiesta. Apart from the snake boat race there are many ceremonial water processions, spectacular floats and decorated boats which take part in this water carnival. The main attraction of this event is the exhibition of ancient and traditional forms of rowing which is now almost extinct such as Vechupattu Thuzhachil and Karakkikuthu Thuzhachil performed by three snake boats. When the race starts and the snake boats advance through the river it appears like a fast moving snake with oarsmen splashing their oars in synchronization to the beats of chants and drums. The speed and the graceful rhythmic movements of the oarsmen and the boat is a sight to be seen which keeps you on your toes. The competitive events during this race are in the chundan vallom, veppu vallom and iruttukuthi vallom categories. Rajiv Gandhi boat race is a sporting event and water fiesta where the ultimate test of endurance, speed and skill of the oarsmen is put to test. The chundan valloms looks like a snake with its hood raised and it is about 100 feet long with back portion towering to a height of 20 feet.

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