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Chandanakuda Mahotsavam in Beemapalli

Chandanakuda Mahotsavam in Beemapalli

Chandanakuda Mahotsavam in Beemapalli is celebrated in the holy shrine of Beema Beevi who was a pious and devoted Muslim lady gifted with divine powers. Beemappalli is one of the most distinguished mosques held sacred by Muslims as well as other religions. It is situated near the coast in Trivandrum District.

Way of excecution and activities Chandanakuda Mahotsavam in Beemapalli

Chandanakuda Mahotsavam is the main festival of Beemapalli to commemorate the death anniversary of Beema Beevi which is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety. Pilgrims belonging to all communities can be seen heading towards the shrine during this festival. Chandanakuda festival starts with hoisting the traditional flag in the presence of a big gathering and goes on for ten days. The offerings here are something very unique on its own. Chandanakudam as it is called is a small earthen pots smeared with sandalwood paste with the opening covered with a white cloth which contains coins inside for the offering. The neck of the pot is tied with flower garlands and three incense sticks are thrust on the top. These pots are given as offering to the shrine and thousands of devotees carrying pots to the shrine is a spectacular site during this festival. Some of the other events during the festival are Ratheeb an act of self purification, Dahara Muttu a Sword play art form and Vadithallu are staged inside the Mosque. On the last day of the festival a flag from the grave of Beema Beevi and taken out in procession accompanied by caparisoned elephants, Panchavadyam,band and Daharamuttukali. After the procession returns to the shrine a spectacular display of fireworks marks the end of the festival.

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