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Bakrid or id-ul-Adha known in English as feast of the sacrifice is one the main festivals of Muslims all over the world. History say God wanted the test the faith of Ibrahim and asked him to sacrifice someone who is dearest to him and when Ibrahim was about to sacrifice his own son Allah stopped him and said he had passed the test of devotion and asked him to sacrifice a lamb Instead. Bakrid is celebrated to remember Ibraham's willingness to offer his son as a sacrifice to God's command.

Way of excecution and activities Bakrid

Animal sacrifice is the one of the important aspect of Bakrid celebrations. Animal like goat, sheep or cow is scarified as per the rules and one third of the meat is used by the family, another third is distributed among friends and relatives and the remaining one third is given in charity for the poor and the needy. The animal that is sacrificed should meet certain age and quality standards otherwise it considered as inappropriate for sacrifice. During this festival people wear new clothes and offer prayer for the peace and prosperity of all Muslims at a mosque and they ensure that everybody becomes the part of the bakrid feast. Women folks prepare special delicacies and dishes which are served amongst family and friends. Bakri-Id is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm just after the Hajj pilgrimage which is considered as the fifth pillar of Islam undertaken by the Muslims from all over the world. Another important event which corresponds with the Bakrid celebrations in the history of Islam is the completion of the Holy Quran. In India it is celebrated with ritualistic fervor in some states like Andhra Pradesh especially in the old city of Hyderabad. In Kerala it is celebrated with great pomp and show in all the districts.

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  • Bakrid is the biggest festival of Muslims which is celebrated all over the world.

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