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Kerala tourism Guide



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Places of interest

Kerala tourism is one of a kind. It is an experience to die for. One's destination is never a place, but a new way of experiencing life. Idukki is a dream destination for nature lovers. Talking about Kerala tourism places, most beautiful places in and around Idukki are Munnar, Thekkady, Marayoor, Ramakkalmedu, Kolahalamedu, Vagamon, Elavezhapunchira, Thommankuth water Falls, Kulamavu, Parunthumpara, Idukki Arch dam-Hill view park, Eravikulam National park, Chinnar wildlife sanctuary, Palkulamedu, Nadukani, Panchalimedu. Talking about dams, Idukki dam is Asia's largest arch dam located at Idukki town. This dam was constructed along with two other dams at Cheruthony and Kulamavu. Kerala is well known for its architecture of temple, The Mangaladevi temple is an ancient shrine which is more than 2000-years-old. The temple is surrounded with greenery and has a mesmerizing view of Eastern Ghats and a few villages from the neighboring state. The temple is located 15 km from Kumily, a popular destination of Idukki. Idukki is famous for its wildlife. If you visit sultanpur bird santuary, then feel lucky, as you may see the kind of birds you did not ever know ever existed. Isn't this exiting? Birds like jungle babbler, woodpecker, small green barbet, hornbill, large wood shrike, golden oriole, purple sun bird, blue winged parakeet are commonly seen in the area. apart from this, the mammals, elephant, bison, sambhar, deer, wild dogs, jungle cats, tiger, white boars, etc. reptiles such as cobra, Viper, krait, and non-poisonous snakes, amphibians like glass frog, leopard frog, and best of all, the most rare and unique amphibian- red eyed tree frog and purple frog can be seen. It is incredible experience to witness all of these at one place. If you are a wanderer and are obsessed with wildlife, then this place is your thing, absolutely. So if you are planning a trip, do not miss Kerala places to visit.

Nearest Places

What to shop

Shopping is fun all the time, and if you are shopaholic, and want to purchase something different than the regular stuff, then Idukki is the place. It is famous for its local craft which has a traditional touch. Banana chips are the most famous eatable to shop, and it is easily available in almost every shop. Apart from this, ivory carvings, pottery, brocade fabrics and earthenware products.


  • Idukki is the India’s first district with the high-speed rural broadband network.
  • It has all the facilities such as schools, colleges, banks, hospitals, etc.

How to reach

  • flight
    BY AIR
    The nearest airport is the Cochin International airport, located at a distance of 132 kilometers.
  • train
    Since Idukki is a hill station, there are no railway lines passing through this place. However, the nearest railway station is at Kottayam, 133 kilometers away.
  • bus
    Idukki is reachable by roads as the place is well connected by a wide network of motorable roads. The national highway that passes through this place is NH-49.


The events that held in Idukki such as Eco Fest which was organized at Kumily. There was also a 11th State Mountain Cycling Championship conducted at Thodupuzha and finally a seminar called as National Seminar on Innovations in Intelligent Systems in NSS College, Rajakumari, Idukki.

Food & Cuisines

We all are aware of the Kerala’s food tradition; the food is served on the banana leaves. We all have witnessed this, maybe in movies, or some theme based South Indian restaurants, Isn't it? The best part about Kerala cuisine is that you will find huge variety, each of which has its own taste. A very popular dish of Kerala is "Appam". This is basically a rice pancake with a fluffy center that is eaten with vegetable or mutton stew. Another popular dish is "Rasam" which is either mixed with rice or eaten. Another famous dish is the "Puttu" that is prepared from rice flour steamed in long hollow bamboo sticks. This is then eaten with steamed bananas or spicy stew of grams or peas. "Payasam" is a popular dessert, which is an absolute must if you are visiting Kerala. Trust me; you would want to have more and more of it.

Arts & Culture

Exploring about different cultures is a life time experience. I mean thousands of Art and culture exists about which we are not even aware. If you want to live and actually experience one of the most beautiful cultures in the world, then visit Kerala, without giving any second thought. Art and culture of Kerala is mesmerizing and beautiful in its own way. Mudiyettu is a ritual dance form conducted in the temples of Idukki. It is mainly performed in villages attracting all the villagers. The agricultural fair and exhibition is a of the Adimali Fest. Hundreds of farmers bring their products for display. Onam, Christmas and Easter, Bakri id and ramzan, and Chandanakudam are the festivals celebrated.


The four borders of the District can be described, as on the East there is Madurai District of Tamil Nadu while on the West it is covered by Ernakulam and Kottayam Districts of Kerala. It lies between 9 degree 15' and 10 degree 21' of north latitude and 76 degree 37' and 77 degree 25' of east longitudes.
Area & Altitude
Idukki has an area of 4,479 km2 (1,729 sq mi) and is the second largest District of Kerala. It is in the North East zone of Kerala.
The altitude is 2200m above sea level.
Some of the significant rivers of the district are Periyar (also famous for Periyar Wildlife sanctuary), Thodupuzhayar and Thalayar. Periyar is the second longest river of Kerala.
Hill Stations
There are nearly 14 peaks and among them Anamudi peak is the highest which towers over 2695 meters.
The western parts of the district mainly comprising of midland area experiences moderate climate, whose temperature varies between 21degree C to 27 degree C. while the eastern parts located in the highland have a comparatively cold climate with temperature varying between -1degree C to 15 degree C in November-January and during March-April 5 degree C to 15 degree C. The annual rainfall in the district varies from 250 to 425 cms.
This place is located in the middle part of Kerala. As the district lies mostly in the highland, it is covered with dense forest, steep hills, and deep valleys.


The word Idukki is derived from the Malayalam language, meaning narrow ravine/gorge. We all know about the existence of one of the most beautiful state of India, “Kerala". Well yes, Idukki is one of the 14 districts of Kerala. It was created on 26 January, 1972. It had its headquarters at Kottayam, and then it was moved to Painavu in June 1976, where it is proposed to build a new planned forest township. There is no clear evidence whether men of the paleolithic age lived here or not; but stone-age civilization is present here. It's one of the most talked about place which has a unique history.

Survey Results

According to census in 2011, Idukki had population of 1,108,974.
Government of India has not yet declared population of Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs, Christian, Buddhists and Jains in district of Idukki.
Languages spoken are Malayalam and English are spoken.
Agriculture and Animal husbandry.

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